Terms and Conditions of Business

All work undertaken by Virtutype Ltd is subject to following Terms and Conditions:

All work is charged in accordance with the pricing in force at the time the work is commenced.

Invoices are sent when the project has been completed and are payable within 14 days of completion unless an agreed trading account is in force.

All prices are subject to United Kingdom government’s Value Added Tax (VAT) which currently is 20%.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, BACS to our Business account or most credit cards or debit cards.

Monthly / Long term accounts are available. Virtutype Ltd will require a formal contract with official purchase order to open monthly trading accounts.

Virtutype Ltd reserves the right to request a bank reference for the long term contract.

Virtutype Ltd reserves the right to request a copy of your company insurance policy before agreeing to any long term contract.

Set number of transcription hours can be purchased to call out during an Inland Revenue Financial Year at a pre-agreed price and paid in advance.

At the next 5th April from the date of signing the contract or arrangement or official purchase order the days will go back to ‘nil’ regardless of whether all the purchased days days have been utilised or not.

The client is responsible for any costs incurred if any payments are refused by the client's bank. Any invoice outstanding after 30 days could incur an interest charge of 8% over the Bank of England base rate of the balance owing until the date your payment reaches Virtutype Ltd account.

Urgent projects will be dealt with immediately they are received by Virtutype Ltd and returned to the client as soon as possible thereafter. Please see price list for details.

The client is advised to use a traceable courier or registered delivery post for tapes and documents. Virtutype Ltd advises clients to back up their digital files and audio tapes and duplicate copy of any paper work before sending.

Virtutype Ltd have the right to reject work that is felt may be illegal, immoral or offensive in content.

It is the client's responsibility to check that work does not breach any copyright laws or Patent laws and Virtutype Ltd will not be held responsible should any such breaches arise.

Although Virtutype Ltd makes every effort to proof read and eliminate errors, Virtutype Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by errors or omissions in the transcribed work.

The client is responsible for final proof reading of the documents. Any errors must be reported to Virtutype Ltd within 24 hours of the document being received. Any such errors will be undertaken free of charge and the document returned to the client immediately.

Changes or amendments to a document content or style of the document by the client will be charged as per Virtutype Ltd’s published price list.

All incoming files will be checked for viruses and spam Virtutype Ltd reserve the right to destroy any files that they or their professional partner(s) believe to be corrupt in any way.

The client is responsible for checking of any viruses, spam or any other E-threats from any electronic information or documentation including emails and access to our web site sent by us or any of our professional partners, subcontractors, employees or associates and taking appropriate action at their cost to recover from the issues.

Virtutype Ltd accepts no liability for any direct, indirect or resultant damages however caused from the access to and use of their websites and the information contained within it.

Virtutype Ltd does not accept any liability for any data uploaded onto or modified on its websites nor for any loss that may result either directly or indirectly from any data that is lost by Virtutype Ltd or any of its professional partners, subcontractors, employees or associates. When uploading data onto the site you are agreeing with this point and your actions are entirely at your own risks.

If the client wishes to cancel a project the client must email Virtutype Ltd prior to work commencing and cancellation fees of 25% of the cost of the project will apply. If work has commenced then the client will be responsible for all costs in respect of the work carried out prior to cancellation.

Virtutype Ltd reserves the right to sub contract work to approved transcription providers who have signed our confidentiality agreement.